Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifting Thursday

Tomorrow is Friday!!! 
Can you tell that I am excited?
My weekend consists of painting, grocery shopping, painting, spending some time on Pinterest, painting some more, a load of laundry or two, checking on my paint that should hopefully be drying nicely and playing some Sequence.

I love the shape of this end table.
What color should I paint her? 

I love this little bookshelf. Couldn't you see this in a childs room with their favorite books in it. 

Love this tall globe. 
I am not one to pass on old globes.  
I plan to paint the base.

A Ball drink dispenser.
I already have one and will have this one for sale soon. 
Perfect for summertime BBQ's.

We have been addicted to Sequence Dice now we can play the real version. Come on over if you want to play with us! 

Tune in tomorrow for Favorite Recipe Friday! 

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