Thursday, April 14, 2011

About Me

I love to play games.  A lot.  I grew up playing Parcheesi and the card game Speed. In my home now, sometimes we let a card game determine who gets to walk away from the dinner dishes. 

I grew up going to garage sales.  Now I am addicted to them and thrift stores.  It is so hard for me to pass yard sale signs on my way to work on Friday's.  

I logged onto in 2007 and found my someone.  We were married in a big red barn in 2008 and that was the beginning of  Bride on a Bike.  I am now a 'Bonus Mom' to three girls and a spirited Jack Russell named Betty.    

In a perfect world I would live on lots of acreage with my siblings and parents all in our own homes and a very large barn.  We would have fainting goats, a wedding barn, a large garden and all of our children would grow up together, climbing trees, fishing off the dock of our little pond, chasing the chickens around and living a carefree life. 

I love taking photos, painting furniture, crafting, collecting anything Martha Stewart related,  trying new recipes, collecting Fiesta ware, reading People magazine and meeting new people. I am sometimes loud, never shy, a hard worker and a very loyal friend. 

I like to be open and up front.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions, leave feedback, send me your blog ideas, recipes or craft projects you found scouring Pinterest. 

Thank you for stopping in at Bride on a Bike.  Welcome! 

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