Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Rock Show

Every time I think about this silly conversation I had once I just laugh to myself.  Years ago it was my first week as a receptionist and I was chatting with a courier that came in and introduced himself.  So on Friday I asked him what he had planned for the weekend and he told me that he was going to a rock show.  So I asked for which band and he looked at me like I was a weirdo.  He said, no a Rock and Gem Show, oh gotcha, I said.  He was a rock collector.  Silly me!

A few weeks ago Jay and I spent the afternoon at Carkeek Park in Seattle.  One of our 'things' we like to do at the beach is make rock stacks and then take a picture of them.  We always make them side by side and they have to be at least 7 rocks high.

We also found some beach glass. I have a large apothecary jar that we fill with our finds of driftwood, beach glass, shells and heart shaped rocks.

Well tomorrow is Friday!!  It is also my first day back to work in a month.  No more staying up late surfing blogs and sleeping in.  

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