Thursday, April 21, 2011

Oh Betty!

It's finally Friday (well 11pm on Thursday is close enough)  but I wanted to dedicate Friday's post to our dogs.

For those of you that may not know, my family and I like to give not only one name to our dogs but rather 2 or 3.  And the funny thing is that both dogs respond to any name we call them by.  

Ginger  Aka:  Betty, Gingi-vitis & Tramp   
Bear  Aka:  Pepper, Baron von Bach & Lady
 (yes he is a male and we call him Lady)

Silly you say?!? Yes it is but it brings us joy.  

Here comes the craft portion of this post. 

Ginger's Suitcase Bed 
I had seen a few ideas online for these adorable suitacase dog beds and thought to myself, "I can make that." (I seem to always say that for just about anything.  Oh well. )  So on my way home I stopped in at the local Salvation Army and looked for the cleanest and cheapest suitcase.  Found this brown beauty.
Next I found a fabric remnant and proceeded to use stitch witchery to make a nice cushion for the bed.  I wish I knew how to sew but I just don't so I use stitch witchery or hot glue.  

Our local wood shop had a few different legs to choose from, these happened to have a nice shape and were not too expensive.  I painted them with oops paint that I had in the garage.  

Here Ginger Betty is trying out her new suitcase bed.  We put her favorite blanket inside and gave her a few treats so that she would actually stay in there.  Haha!  After walking around the house looking for pictures of Bear and a postcard of my favorite saying and of course some framed silhouette pictures (all were hot glued into place) it was starting to look like home.  

At first we tried to use the saying, "Get out of town!" so that meant she would be heading to the suitcase, she didn't really like that to much so now we just say "bed" and she knows right where to go.  

Jay found the Jack Russell luggage tag at TJ Maxx on clearance and I found the Betty keychain at Goodwill.  We think it adds a nice touch!

Let's see how much this project cost:

Suitcase (half off)    $2
Wooden Legs   $16
Keychains    $1
Pillow Insert   $1
Paint, knick knacks and fabric   $0

Total Cost   $20

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Jeanette said...

That is one first-class pooch pad! I love the tags... so creative :)