Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Letter Is...

B for burlap.  Burlap you say? Yes burlap.  It is making a comeback.  I swear.  Burlap is everywhere.  Just  look at any home store and you will see.  Here are some pictures of the burlap I have in my home.  I have also made a few items such as my No Sew Burlap Curtains, Vintage Hand Tied Garland and some projects in the making.  

I was so excited when I spotted these 2 matching lamps at Tuesday Morning.  I needed to give them some height so I stacked one on top of an old rusty tool box and the other on a stack of vintage books. 

And just in case you were really wanting to know what they looked like when they were "on"
I will dedicate a post later to my favorite piece of furniture.  Does it look familiar Vicki?  

The pillow on the left is from Pottery Barn and yes I did find that at Goodwill.  The other is from TJ Maxx.  

I found this hideous looking candle in the garage and didn't want to toss it, but it needed a makeover.  So out came the glue gun, some buttons and a scrap of burlap.  I also just received the cute bean bag from my mom. 

Here are my no sew burlap curtains.  {Please disregard the white splotch and the ugly paint in the background.  My next project is to repaint this room.}

One of my many handmade vintage garlands.  It has strips of burlap tied in.  

And a shot of one hanging in the teenager's room.  

Happy Wednesday!  Tell me what burlap you have in your house.  

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