Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time for a sneak peek

Time for a sneak peek.

Aren't these fantastic? 
My dear friend Stefanie invited us over to her neighbor's garage to go pickin. We found some and very unique things. 
If you haven't met Betty, you must go look at the Bride on a Bike facebook page, there is a photo of her on there.

The next three pictures are a sneak peek at some of the projects I worked on this weekend.

This is how I got the teenager out yardwork.

My love for Schwinn

Rusty goodness eye candy 
Scored these vintage Schwinn's at a yard sale down the street yesterday. 
I love them. 

You love?  I will be bringing these to Ruffles and Rust.

How cute would these be in a garden with a basket on the front or back with flowers?

Also found this trophy. 
And by the looks of it you can still have it engraved with your name. 

This little stool is so funky and different than what I normally find. It had to come home with me. 

Never one to pass on a bench stool. 
Sweet Josie has already sanded and painted this. 
She also picked out some fabulous fabric that my mom had found and will recover it later today. 

Heading back out to the driveway which seems to be my favorite place to hang these days. 
We made some great progress on finishing up some pieces and pricing and packing for the show. 
With all this being said, my mom managed to bring over a dining room table {with the coolest base I have ever seen} and six matching chairs. 
Am I crazy to think I can paint all seven pieces, recover the cushions and give it the embellishment that I have in my head all by next weekend. 
I sure am going to try. 
I will take photos to start luring you to Monroe. 

Have a happy Sunday. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New for you!

Please forgive me for the following photos.
I was halfway to the shop when I realized that my camera that I kept telling myself to not forget, i forgot. 
Go figure. 
It was pouring down rain and I did not feel like tarping up furniture so I just brought a few new things in to the store tonight. 

My newest favorite, a chevron painted table. 
I have a few other pieces with the similar design on it getting ready for the Ruffles and Rust show. 
{Have you bought your tickets for Friday night?}

We brought in 10 more of the mason jar soap pumps.

This adorable side table is painted in a Restoration Hardware color, Silver Sage. 
Isn't she lovely?

Alison, {The Modern Cottage Co.} and some of the other gals from the shop spent the day rearranging the check out counter and their spaces in the shop. 
I took photos but they turned out a little fuzzy so I promise to take better ones next week.  

I love this vignette Alsion put together with pieces from each of our areas. 

The Modern Cottage Vintage Market
311 South 7th, Tacoma, WA 
Friday 10-2
Saturday 10-4

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recent Finds

This weekend was gorgeous.  
I spent Saturday running errands, getting supplies and making a master list.  Trust me you DO NOT want to see it. 

I will tell you a little more about the list tomorrow. 

But for now here are some of my finds from the past week and weekend.  

I loved this milk crate filled with old metal lids. 
What should I do with them?

Jay found this, pretty cool.

We splurged on a new sofa set and grandfather clock.  
Looks pretty comfortable, don't you think?
If you didn't know I have a thing for dollhouse furniture. 

I also like old glass jars with the original lid. 

A very large Thomas Guide map of Seattle. 

Old spice jars, yes they still have spices in them. 
I have a project in mind for these. 

More spices. 
Need any Cardamom?
I got some you can borrow.

Jay also found this old Horlick's Malted Milk glass jar. 
 I love the lid. 

A mini globe, a little different than the others we usually come home with. 

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the furniture we came home with and that is already being transformed over here at Devon's House of Makeovers. 

I heard that Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) was here in Seattle for a book signing, so wished I knew earlier.  I just received her newest cookbook from Jay for my birthday. 

Thursday, April 12, 2012

What's new in the shop

Happy {almost} Friday!!
Tonight after work we loaded up the truck,
{2003 Dodge Ram w\ 83k miles interested?}
and headed out to Tacoma to stock the booth and move some pieces around. 

It was also the teenager's first time checking out the shop. 
She was impressed.  We drove around the city for a bit, checked out a few new shops and ended up having dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory. 
Love that place. 

Here is what is new in the shop this week.

~ Shabby white bench ~

~ Black & White round drum table with black glaze ~

~ red & white dresser ~ 

~ Very Large Bar Globe ~ 

~ Children's desk ~

~ Beach nightstand ~ 

~ chippy black vintage bookshelf ~ 

~ I have restocked the booth with more mason jar soap dispensers ~ 

~ glass jelly jars with BPA free straw ~ 

The Modern Cottage Co. 
311 South 7th, Tacoma, WA. 
Friday 10 - 2 
Saturday 10 - 4 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ginger Ale Pulled Pork

Are you in need of a delicious, super easy dinner?
You need to try this.  In fact make it for dinner tomorrow and invite the neighbors, it is that good. 
I have made it a few times and each time it just gets better each time. 

Crock Pot Ginger Ale Pulled Pork 

4 lbs. pork roast {shoulder}
2 large onions {i usually use 3}
1 c. ginger ale
1 {18 oz.} bottle Sweet Baby Ray's

Slice onions & place half of them in the crock pot.
Place roast on top of onions and cover with the other half, pour ginger ale over, cover and cook on LOW for 12 hours. 

Remove meat, strain and save the onions. 
Shred meat and return to crock pot. 
Stir in Sweet Baby Ray's and cook another four hours on LOW. 

Serve on sesame bun with shredded cabbage for a nice cool crunch. 

Our new favorite is to steam chunks of sweet potato and a little pat of Melt butter.  We decided we could eat that every night, it is so sweet. 

P.S. Josie whopped me twice in Sequence Dice tonight. 
Thank you mom for sharing that kitchen secret.  

Monday, April 09, 2012

Violetta's Baby Shower mock up

My sister is throwing a baby shower for her friend Violeta, who is expecting her first child, a daughter. 

It has been awhile since I have been on Pinterest and thought I would do a mock up of a shower for her. 
The colors my sister has chosen are brown, hot pink and chartreuse.
Hope you like these Laurie. 

Let's start with the ceiling decor. 
I love the simplicity of the tissue paper pompom's.  They are super inexpensive and Hallmark has lots of great tissue paper to choose from. 
These would look great hanging around the inside of my sister's house.  She has a large open living, dining, kitchen area with vaulted ceilings. 
Picture these in the three colors. 

I would make a variety of tea sandwiches. 
These are cucumber tea sandwiches.  A little different than the typical ones I make but they look ddelicious. 

I would also make these, Curried Egg Tea Sandwiches.

These are always a huge hit when I make these.  Plus the presentation is fun. 
Rainbow Fruit skewers with vanilla cinnamon yogurt dip. 

This cake would be on a vintage glass cake plate, I would have the icing in a pink color to go with the pink, brown and chartreuse color theme. 
This fabulous cake was made by Bridgette, owner of A Sweet Affair. 
Here is the link to her facebook page.

Had to share these. 
I am in love. 
Please save this idea for my future baby shower. 

This is where I would love to host this shower. 
One can dream. 

Next I would really like a brown chevron tablecloth.  Can you whip one up, Laurie?  {kidding, but seriously can you?}
A huge YES to drinks in glass drink dispensers and striped straws. 

This is beautiful. 
Again think of this but in Violetta's colors. 
Love the way the table is set. 

Doesn't this pink punch look wonderful. 
I would like a glass of it now please. 
Pineapple juice, Frozen pink lemonade, ginger ale and strawberry ice cream. Easy enough. 
I would make this punch.... 

...and serve in glasses with these fantastic lime green striped straws. 

And last but not least order one of these fabulous diaper cakes in the flower theme from Little Britches Bakery. 

Let me know if you need help putting any of this together. 
Whatever you choose, it will be lovely. 

Good night all. I am off to browse through Pinterest some more.