Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ginger Ale Pulled Pork

Are you in need of a delicious, super easy dinner?
You need to try this.  In fact make it for dinner tomorrow and invite the neighbors, it is that good. 
I have made it a few times and each time it just gets better each time. 

Crock Pot Ginger Ale Pulled Pork 

4 lbs. pork roast {shoulder}
2 large onions {i usually use 3}
1 c. ginger ale
1 {18 oz.} bottle Sweet Baby Ray's

Slice onions & place half of them in the crock pot.
Place roast on top of onions and cover with the other half, pour ginger ale over, cover and cook on LOW for 12 hours. 

Remove meat, strain and save the onions. 
Shred meat and return to crock pot. 
Stir in Sweet Baby Ray's and cook another four hours on LOW. 

Serve on sesame bun with shredded cabbage for a nice cool crunch. 

Our new favorite is to steam chunks of sweet potato and a little pat of Melt butter.  We decided we could eat that every night, it is so sweet. 

P.S. Josie whopped me twice in Sequence Dice tonight. 
Thank you mom for sharing that kitchen secret.  

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