Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recent Finds

This weekend was gorgeous.  
I spent Saturday running errands, getting supplies and making a master list.  Trust me you DO NOT want to see it. 

I will tell you a little more about the list tomorrow. 

But for now here are some of my finds from the past week and weekend.  

I loved this milk crate filled with old metal lids. 
What should I do with them?

Jay found this, pretty cool.

We splurged on a new sofa set and grandfather clock.  
Looks pretty comfortable, don't you think?
If you didn't know I have a thing for dollhouse furniture. 

I also like old glass jars with the original lid. 

A very large Thomas Guide map of Seattle. 

Old spice jars, yes they still have spices in them. 
I have a project in mind for these. 

More spices. 
Need any Cardamom?
I got some you can borrow.

Jay also found this old Horlick's Malted Milk glass jar. 
 I love the lid. 

A mini globe, a little different than the others we usually come home with. 

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the furniture we came home with and that is already being transformed over here at Devon's House of Makeovers. 

I heard that Ree Drummond (aka The Pioneer Woman) was here in Seattle for a book signing, so wished I knew earlier.  I just received her newest cookbook from Jay for my birthday. 


Allison Rae said...

I'm new here - but I would love to see those metal tops made into magnets for the fridge or maybe buttons?

Restoration House Interiors said...

LOVE ur finds! The question for the milk lids is "what would pottery barn, restoration hardware, ballard do?" LOL...I am thinking using some old barn wood to combine with it somehow and create a piece of art-a masterpiece, of course, after your touch! Love u lady! Happy Thursday!