Monday, October 31, 2011

And we are back at it

Happy Halloween!  

We are up to 17 trick or treaters so far.  I have some good candy this year, where are all the kids?  

Last week Jay while we were driving to and from Monroe for the Ruffles and Rust show we had to pass Maltby quite a few times.  So we decided to drive all the way back there and treat ourselves to some breakfast.  Oh how I love that place!  Afterwards we hit a few thriftstores and came home with these finds.  

We are busy collecting the cobalt blue Fiesta for Josie.  She has mentioned how much she loves our Fiesta, but that she would like all Cobalt, Periwinkle and White.  Wonderful, a girl after my own heart. When she moves out (at 25) she will have her own set of Fiesta. 

This needs a good scrubbing, but how cool is this? 

Jay was so proud of himself when he found this, french writing and all.  Do you know what this is? 

This piece stumps me as well, I have no clue what it was.
The top opens and has a scrolling metal bar but it is all red, no words. The bottom opens and closes.  There are no markings or stamps.  Thoughts?

Cast iron feet - don't know what we will make with it yet, but we will think of something.

How many trick or treaters did yoou get tonight?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 20

I wanted to do something a little different tonight.  I had read something similar on another blog yesterday and thought I too should try this.  So here goes.  

20 things you may {or may not} know about me:

1. I have 20 cousins {and that is just on my mom's side}, I am the oldest girl and the 4th oldest of all.
2. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I do NOT eat seafood.
3. I sleep with lots and lots of pillows and I know if Jay has one of mine and not his designated two.  {haha}
4. I like to read cookbooks like they are books. 
5. I named Ginger after Ginger Ale.  Used to be my favorite drink.
6. I could people watch all day long. 
7. Every night before I fall asleep I read People online to catch up on my Hollywood gossip.  
8. I would prefer to watch movies at home rather than go to a theatre. 
9. Games, games, games.  I could play a game of cards or Parcheesi every day if Jay would play with me. 
10. My name means bologna in Australia. And yes I do love bologna sandwiches.  But when I do make them {which is not often} I have to buy white bread and silced american singles.
11. I collected lions growing up.
12. I called myself Donnie Devon and had a NKOTB birthday party once.
13. Someday I will take a vacation to Fiji and sleep in one of those fantastic bungalows on the water. 
14. Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 were my favorite shows ever!!
15. I love collections.  I have quite a few and I like to display them in glass jars. 
16. I wish I had a green thumb.  I have a vision of how I want my yard to be, but I just can't keep plants alive. 
17. Being late stresses me out.  I usually am 5-15 minutes early for anything.
18. I would love to have my own ecclectic paper, vintage finds, home decor store someday.
19. I fall in love with my husband more each day.  He continually amazes me, makes me laugh and most of all loves me {and my family} unconditionally.
20. Losing him someday scares the bejeezus {is that how you spell it?} out of me. 


What is on your list?  Care to share?  Did any of these surprise you?

Let me know.  

Tomorrow is friday...finally.  Can't wait to spend Saturday morning with my love and the evening at our annual pumpkin carving night.  

Good night friends. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How about them apples

SInce the show has been over I have found myself baking every night, making good dinners once again and catching up on house work.  It is true, my house was a disaster, fabric everywhere, 4 glue guns in various rooms, hammers, paint, sanding blocks, burlap and junk everywhere.  No joke.  If only I was brave enough to show photos. 

Last night I made one of our family favorites, Lemon Olive Chicken and a Paula Deen, Apple Cake.  See below for the recipe and photos. 

My two friends, Bev and CB {also vendors at RR} had a fabulous booth.  I picked up this vintage coffee urn.  I took a close up of the inscription. I still need to look it up to see what August Suffion is. 

Loved this saying.  Might just have to make this. 

Monday night is a mini date night for Jay and I.  
Which in turn is actually spending a half hour together at the Goodwill.  He found this really large apothecary jar.  I had seen this at John Bob Cool Junk's space at RR and knew exactly what I was going to put in it. 

Ta da!! Don't you just love?!

Paula Deen's Fresh Apple Cake from Georgia

I still had some apples leftover from work and felt like baking so I searched online and stumbled across this recipe.  The reviews were all good, so I decided to give it a go.  I brought it in to work to celebrate a birthday and it was a huge hit.  I highly recommend trying out this cake.  I will probably make it again this weekend to share with friends. 

The recipe calls for the icing {mainly butter and sugar} to be poured over the cake immediately after removing from oven.  I was a little apprehensive at first pouring this over the top, but Jay convinced me to follow the recipe as it was written.  And I was not the least bit disappointed when it was all said and done. 

This cake was so very moist and flavorful.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's what do I do?

Start all over again.  That's what.

Here are photos from the show.  There was so much to see, new people to meet and lots of hard work.  It was well worth it.  Can't wait for the next one.  Jay and I already bought a few new things.  Can't wait to show you photos tomorrow. 

Here is a great blog to check out!   I had the pleasure of meeting Keneesha from Restoration House Interiors on Friday night.  I now have her blog on my favorite's list and will be checking in often. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rugby & Dessert

A co-worker of mine brought in a few boxes of apples from Eastern Washington, they are delicious.  I had one at lunch and grabbed a few extra to bring home.  Jay, Josie and I decided to make an apple crisp.  We actually made two.  One for us and the other for me to bring to work. 
Click here for the recipe we used. 

This was Jay emptying the drawer looking for the 1/4 tsp.  He was convinced we didn't have one anywhere. {It is the yellow one.}

Jay and Josie are watching the All Blacks Rugby match from the other night.  I already know the outcome so I am not paying attention.  I am still editing the photos from the show.  check back tomorrow for pictures of my booth.  Night yall!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ruffles and Rust or Bust!!

Happy Friday!
Tonight was the first evening of the RR show.  I am keeping my eyes open just long enough to upload these and post on here for you to see.  All the booths {vendors} have such great treasures!  What will you come to find?

I will post some of my booth photos tomorrow. 
Good night all.