Monday, October 24, 2011

Rugby & Dessert

A co-worker of mine brought in a few boxes of apples from Eastern Washington, they are delicious.  I had one at lunch and grabbed a few extra to bring home.  Jay, Josie and I decided to make an apple crisp.  We actually made two.  One for us and the other for me to bring to work. 
Click here for the recipe we used. 

This was Jay emptying the drawer looking for the 1/4 tsp.  He was convinced we didn't have one anywhere. {It is the yellow one.}

Jay and Josie are watching the All Blacks Rugby match from the other night.  I already know the outcome so I am not paying attention.  I am still editing the photos from the show.  check back tomorrow for pictures of my booth.  Night yall!

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Restoration House Interiors said...

We just made some of this yummy goodness last hubby's favorite! Looks like yours was pretty tasty! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I posted a bit abotu you and your biz on my blog and my experience at R and R this weekend. Feel free to hop on over and say hi when you have a minute...I linked back to you in the post! Hope to see you again was great meeting you!
p.s. I was the preggers girl who DECLARED you would do well at the show! LOL