Sunday, October 02, 2011

Out with the old and in with the new

Thank you Jay for my new whitebox! Here is my secret to taking my photos. 

Old whitebox:
Torn tissue paper and getting dirty on the inside 

While watching the All Blacks (Rugby) he made this. 
A fresh, clean, new whitebox. It is also taller and wider. 

I received this in the mail yesterday.  
A 16x20 canvas that I bought from Groupon. 
It turned ot wonderful.  
I plan on hanging this at the show.  Can you believe I only have 2 more weekends to finish everything!  

Jay picked up this industrial looking lamp, he had a hard time cleaning all the sticker residue. He cleaned as best he could and we decided to spraypaint the whole thing in a satin black Rustoleum Spray Paint.

Looks amazing!!

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