Sunday, October 16, 2011

Check that off the list

What a bust this weekend was.  On Friday I woke up and had a sore throat, by Friday evening I was in bed at 7pm and was down for the count all day Saturday.  With the help of lots of rest, a few baths, lots of DayQuil and my new savious, Cool Touch Kleenex I was able to finish some projects with Jay's help. We took two trips to drop off more goodies to the warehouse.  

I have had this adorable green shelf for awhile but the time has come for me to pass it one to someone new. This could be yours.

 I wish I had a before of this stool. It had this horrible tapestry cushion and it was screaming to be made over. Painted it with Graphite chalk paint and added some black and white striped fabric and voila! Looks way better.

I scored this great dresser about 10 years ago - it was a yellow when I bought it, then I painted it white, then sage green then cream with a tobacco glaze.  Found these cute glass flower knobs at TJ Maxx. 

Remeber this before from the other day?

Well here she is now!  

 And her sidekick {before}

and After!!

This was the very first piece that Jay and I grabbed off of Craig's List and refinished together.  The middle piece drops down is a blanket chest I think. I just found this cool knob and we added it today. 

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