Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I hear a turkey outside my window

My family must have been very tired last night.
Jay was fast asleep when I tried to sneak into the room, then I hear him say, "Where is my alarm clock?" I respond, "You mean your phone?" Jay says, "No, the spoons, where are the spoons?" Two seconds later he is back to snoring. 

Then 15 minutes later Josie comes in, (10:45pm) and says, "Dev you have to come in my bathroom I hear a turkey making boise outside my window." I wish I had a picture to show of the two of us standing in the dark, heads up against the screen of her small window listening for a turkey.  After about 5 minutes we start laughing and she is saying I swear I am not crazy.  Then we hear it.  I tell her it is a pesky raccoon and then we see it walking around the neighbors front lawn. She starts to make turkey\bird calls out the window - I say you are weird, go to bed. 

I apologize for a lame post {no pictures} but I am tired.  I have been trying to finish up projects before I start the others.  Can't wait to show you the pictures. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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