Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 20

I wanted to do something a little different tonight.  I had read something similar on another blog yesterday and thought I too should try this.  So here goes.  

20 things you may {or may not} know about me:

1. I have 20 cousins {and that is just on my mom's side}, I am the oldest girl and the 4th oldest of all.
2. I live in the Pacific Northwest and I do NOT eat seafood.
3. I sleep with lots and lots of pillows and I know if Jay has one of mine and not his designated two.  {haha}
4. I like to read cookbooks like they are books. 
5. I named Ginger after Ginger Ale.  Used to be my favorite drink.
6. I could people watch all day long. 
7. Every night before I fall asleep I read People online to catch up on my Hollywood gossip.  
8. I would prefer to watch movies at home rather than go to a theatre. 
9. Games, games, games.  I could play a game of cards or Parcheesi every day if Jay would play with me. 
10. My name means bologna in Australia. And yes I do love bologna sandwiches.  But when I do make them {which is not often} I have to buy white bread and silced american singles.
11. I collected lions growing up.
12. I called myself Donnie Devon and had a NKOTB birthday party once.
13. Someday I will take a vacation to Fiji and sleep in one of those fantastic bungalows on the water. 
14. Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 were my favorite shows ever!!
15. I love collections.  I have quite a few and I like to display them in glass jars. 
16. I wish I had a green thumb.  I have a vision of how I want my yard to be, but I just can't keep plants alive. 
17. Being late stresses me out.  I usually am 5-15 minutes early for anything.
18. I would love to have my own ecclectic paper, vintage finds, home decor store someday.
19. I fall in love with my husband more each day.  He continually amazes me, makes me laugh and most of all loves me {and my family} unconditionally.
20. Losing him someday scares the bejeezus {is that how you spell it?} out of me. 


What is on your list?  Care to share?  Did any of these surprise you?

Let me know.  

Tomorrow is friday...finally.  Can't wait to spend Saturday morning with my love and the evening at our annual pumpkin carving night.  

Good night friends. 

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