Monday, October 31, 2011

And we are back at it

Happy Halloween!  

We are up to 17 trick or treaters so far.  I have some good candy this year, where are all the kids?  

Last week Jay while we were driving to and from Monroe for the Ruffles and Rust show we had to pass Maltby quite a few times.  So we decided to drive all the way back there and treat ourselves to some breakfast.  Oh how I love that place!  Afterwards we hit a few thriftstores and came home with these finds.  

We are busy collecting the cobalt blue Fiesta for Josie.  She has mentioned how much she loves our Fiesta, but that she would like all Cobalt, Periwinkle and White.  Wonderful, a girl after my own heart. When she moves out (at 25) she will have her own set of Fiesta. 

This needs a good scrubbing, but how cool is this? 

Jay was so proud of himself when he found this, french writing and all.  Do you know what this is? 

This piece stumps me as well, I have no clue what it was.
The top opens and has a scrolling metal bar but it is all red, no words. The bottom opens and closes.  There are no markings or stamps.  Thoughts?

Cast iron feet - don't know what we will make with it yet, but we will think of something.

How many trick or treaters did yoou get tonight?

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