Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On

I just made the mistake of counting how many more days until we {I} have until Ruffles and Rust.
I am so excited to unpack, set up and start selling.  It is such a fun group of people who attend these shows,  and the other vendors have become friends. I love seeing what people buy and fall in love with.  

Here is what I still want to accomplish before next Thursday:
finish painting all furniture, sand, wax and distress
finish lamp project
recover stool
finish garlands
add glitter to pumpkins
start and finish wine cork project
fill shadowboxes
realize I am not going to finish hutch in time, save for next show
get all items to my storage unit {aka parents house}
silhouette project
spray paint owls
touch up paint on signs
pick up canopy
figure out how I am going to hang my new bride on a bike signage
get cash
apron: I havent even thought that far in advance yet. Wish I had started earlier on that project. Hopefully Pier 1 has a cute one I can buy.
I am sure there is more but that should be good for now. 

So yes, even though I still have a long to do list and not much time, I still found time to hit up the Goodwill on Monday night and tonight.  Here are my finds.  And yes I am planning on painting these two new tables and bringing them to the show. 

Love this white pedestal - made by Smith & Hawken  

I am planning on painting the Harney & Sons sign over in chalkboard paint. 

Actually cuter in person.  I found two of them and I will place cream candles on top.  

I am off to finish (finally) my pumpkin project and head to bed.  
Good night all. 

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