Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in August

Today was my first day off of work for a month.  Yahoo!  I spent the day cleaning out the fridge, peeling 10 pounds of potatoes, cooking two turkeys, making stuffing (from a box), setting the table for 14, and helping Amanda make 135 little bundles of personalized m&m's for some swag bags for the clothing swap she has been helping plan.  I was not as cool as her, I only made 75.  I managed to snap a few photos of our day.  We are all stuffed now, what a nice time together we had.  Jay is now watching his new favorite tv show, Top Shot and I am drinking a large glass of Moscato and blogging.  

Okay all the old food is out, now I have to try and finnagle (sp?) the shelves and drawers out of there. 

A real time shot of my kitchen.  All the fridge items out, fridge pieces in the sink, pandora on and dogs barking in the back yard. 

Now everything is back in magically.  I even wwent grocery shopping yesterday, guess I didn't buy much.  

This is just a fraction of what I peeled, had to take a break to play Words with Friends.

Amanda's cute personalized m&m's she ordered for the clothing swap swag bags. 

The final product.

I snuck this photo in of her.  I loved her feather hair piece.

I did not make these today but I decided to throw in these photos of what I made for the swag bags from Bride on a bike. 

What you get is a dot garland of an old atlas I picked up at an estate sale.  

All 75 of them packaged and ready to go home with Amanda.  The whole project for all pieces cost $15.  

The extra table added for more place settings.  You see a 2 child vintage school desk in the background wheere Ainsley and Flannery were seated.  

New friends Ainsley and Flannery.  Flannery  and Penelope (not pictured) are our neighbors who Josie was babysitting.

She wanted to try on Amanda's shoes, there is Penny in the background.

I am beat, today was busy.  Good night all.  Until tomorrow. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

dolphins, sweaters & breathing

Today is Jay's birthday and what better way to celebrate him than to share some of his recent sleep talking. 

'I still don't know what it is.'

'Breathe! Yes like that.'

'It's a horrible tree, it's tall and straight.'

'I am going to take my sweater off or something.  At least tell me what it is.'

'Dolphins?  What dolphins? I knew you were going to ride on their back.'

'That changes from one runner to another.  Here I can tell. Yep.'

'I just don't know, okay, okay, okay.'

'Where is it? Gosh. Oh I know, I will get it for her.'

'Oh he said poopoo.  I'm just saying. Oh man.'

'Does it really? That is so cool.'

'No I didn't say that?'

For his birthday dinner he said he wanted a Thanksgiving feast.  So on my first day off from work I will be at home cooking a turkey, peeling 10 lbs. of potatoes, setting the table for 15 and wearing my new red and white checked vintage apron! Pandora will be on and loud, my friend Sam will be over weeding the backyard (a present for Jay) since he didn't want to do it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday's loot

  We were pretty busy this weekend, bought a new washing machine, helped my sister move into a new townhome, cleaned house, took a nap and we painted Jay's toenails.  He didn't know it at the time.  Josie and I were watching The Secret Life of Bees (if you have not read or seen the movie I (we) highly recommend to.  The book was our favorite, but movie is always good for a good cry)And Jay started talking in his sleep, like usual and we thought it would be funny to paint his toenails hot pink.  He didn't notice until the next morning when he went to put on his flip flops and looked down.  We thought it was funny, he did not.  

Imperial Cube Cut glass container.  I love the shape of this old jar.  They were used to hold cigars. 

Picked up this mercury glass candle pedestal for only .50!  Loved it even more when I was home and looking at it and saw the Pottery Barn sticker on the bottom.  

 Yes more antique silver. This is made by Wallace.

Ice Box Pie

Seriously Devon?  More of these?  I just love them, I cant pass them up.  Plus they were only $3 for the pair. 

Fantastic blue enamelware strainer.  Love the color and patina. 

For only a quarter I could not leave Grandma Betty behind.

Any guesses on what this is?  
{I had to ask, but now i know.}

A fabulous green enamelware roaster for a dollar and a half.  This reminds me of Thanksgiving.  Speaking of Turkey Day, we are celebrating Thanksgiving at my house this Tuesday.  Why you ask?  Jay wanted a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner for his birthday and that is what I will be doing on Tuesday.  Cooking and preparing a feast for 15 people.  

Loved this red chair, I know I have a lot of chairs stacked in the garage but for 3 beans it was mine.

I did not buy this for the fake cardboard painting but rather for the frams and the size of this picture.  I plan on painting the frame and turning the inside into a chalkboard.

What color should we paint this gal? 
Bright green?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Betty has a baby goat

It has been a few days (two to be exact) since I last hit up a Goodwill and boy was I itching to go this evening. Found this cute 'On the farm' book from 1952.  

Found this cute little pamphlet style book from a children's book club from 1950.  There were quite a few of these but I only picked up this one because it has Jay's lucky number {107} on the front cover and the first page I flipped to had Betty's name on it.  

 Never one to pass up on Costco ribbon, especially when it is this cute! 
 More doilies, for my next project.  I am so excited to start this one. 
 Please don't be mad at me but I found this sweet little Fiesta bowl and it was only .99, how could I pass it up?  Jeanette are you sure you don't want to start using Fiesta at your house? I have plenty! 
 This is not Fiesta like the hubby thought but looks close and it is mini.  So yes it had to come home with us.  

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Look what we found in our yard

This perfect little bird's nest abandoned.  I search stores for realistic looking nests and now I have one.  What should I do with it?  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday's Finds

Coming to you from.....


If the price is right, snag it and don't give it another thought.  Picked up this for .99, I will be planting a seedum in each of these that I have been hoarding...I mean collecting

This was all Jay. 

Love these.  I plan on attaching them to some old barn wood and making a wall hanging.

I have almost enough doilies to start my doilie project.  You will love it!!! Also scored  3 more tea towels for my kitchen and a scooper for Josie.  She likes to use those when baking. 

Have I told you how much I love old books? This is only one of two boxes that I picked up.

Jay found this in a Burien St. Vincent, thought it would look good filled with old ironstone platters.  Am I rubbing off on him or what?

This is my new favorite.  I might not be able to let this one go.  She was only $15 and look at her curves!!

An old Zenith radio.  It does not currently work but how cool is this piece?! Should I paint it or keep as is? 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Have you checked out etsy lately?

I just love this.  

What have you bought off of etsy lately? I will keep you posted but the bride on a bike etsy shop will be opening soon.  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Look what I got in the mail today!

My new business cards!  I think they are wonderful!
And...I bought Saturday's Groupon for a 16x20 canvas that I will also have made with this photo on it for the Junk Shows.  Can't wait for it to arrive. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I must have/make/share/gift this! I am in love.

Now who loves this as much as I do?  

I just love planting succulents/sedums.  They are so hearty and make it through the cold and heat we can sometimes get here.  These are some of my favorite planting ideas.