Thursday, August 25, 2011

Betty has a baby goat

It has been a few days (two to be exact) since I last hit up a Goodwill and boy was I itching to go this evening. Found this cute 'On the farm' book from 1952.  

Found this cute little pamphlet style book from a children's book club from 1950.  There were quite a few of these but I only picked up this one because it has Jay's lucky number {107} on the front cover and the first page I flipped to had Betty's name on it.  

 Never one to pass up on Costco ribbon, especially when it is this cute! 
 More doilies, for my next project.  I am so excited to start this one. 
 Please don't be mad at me but I found this sweet little Fiesta bowl and it was only .99, how could I pass it up?  Jeanette are you sure you don't want to start using Fiesta at your house? I have plenty! 
 This is not Fiesta like the hubby thought but looks close and it is mini.  So yes it had to come home with us.  

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