Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Good Junkin Day

Here are our finds from the past weekend.  Jay has always talked about one day having his very own pup tent, well guess what?  He scored one for $3 at a local garage sale, he was a happy man.  I managed to found some very neat pieces.  I am so ready to have September off to paint, prime, sand, glue and get ready for the next Ruffles and Rust show in October!

I was so happy to find this Heisey vintage cake plate.

Who doesn't love these beauties?

A nice old rusty wheelbarrow.  Are you interested in this Susan?

This is just what I was looking for.  I plan on painting this guy and am so excited to show you what I have in mind for him. 

I am never one to pass up on a cute little stool.  

I could not contain my excitement when I spotted this.  Originally from a grandfather clock it has been sanded down and was somebody's project to restore.  I talked the lady into just selling me the top and not all of the other pieces.  How cool is this piece?

Jay found this and had to have it, pretty cool.  Love the patina on it.

Jay did not understand why I had to have this, a find for only $15.  The next garage sale he found the pup tent so he said all was forgiven then. Thanks love.

Found some jewelry.  I hope Amanda is not reading this because I plan to give her some pieces for Christmas or a birthday. A major score at only a $1 a piece. 

Gumby and his gang.  The whole bag came with 15 pieces in all for only one big one. 

Could not pass this up for only ten cents.  

We were starving for some lunch and always pass Wally's Drive In - in Buckley.  It was delicious!  This is the servus-fone that you order from. 


Katie said...

That cake plate is fab. And, the grandfather clock looks like the one from Beauty and the Beast: http://disney-clipart.com/Beauty-Beast/characters/cogsworth.php

Kortney said...

I loved Gumby and Pokey!! Don't really remember the others...