Sunday, August 28, 2011

Saturday's loot

  We were pretty busy this weekend, bought a new washing machine, helped my sister move into a new townhome, cleaned house, took a nap and we painted Jay's toenails.  He didn't know it at the time.  Josie and I were watching The Secret Life of Bees (if you have not read or seen the movie I (we) highly recommend to.  The book was our favorite, but movie is always good for a good cry)And Jay started talking in his sleep, like usual and we thought it would be funny to paint his toenails hot pink.  He didn't notice until the next morning when he went to put on his flip flops and looked down.  We thought it was funny, he did not.  

Imperial Cube Cut glass container.  I love the shape of this old jar.  They were used to hold cigars. 

Picked up this mercury glass candle pedestal for only .50!  Loved it even more when I was home and looking at it and saw the Pottery Barn sticker on the bottom.  

 Yes more antique silver. This is made by Wallace.

Ice Box Pie

Seriously Devon?  More of these?  I just love them, I cant pass them up.  Plus they were only $3 for the pair. 

Fantastic blue enamelware strainer.  Love the color and patina. 

For only a quarter I could not leave Grandma Betty behind.

Any guesses on what this is?  
{I had to ask, but now i know.}

A fabulous green enamelware roaster for a dollar and a half.  This reminds me of Thanksgiving.  Speaking of Turkey Day, we are celebrating Thanksgiving at my house this Tuesday.  Why you ask?  Jay wanted a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner for his birthday and that is what I will be doing on Tuesday.  Cooking and preparing a feast for 15 people.  

Loved this red chair, I know I have a lot of chairs stacked in the garage but for 3 beans it was mine.

I did not buy this for the fake cardboard painting but rather for the frams and the size of this picture.  I plan on painting the frame and turning the inside into a chalkboard.

What color should we paint this gal? 
Bright green?


Jeanette said...

Regarding the mystery item: is it a magazine holder? It looks like it may have moving parts but hard to tell from the picture - in that case, my guess is a laundry wringer/dryer. What is it?

Devon said...

Yes it does having moving parts. It is actually a paper roller. I don't know what to do with it. Would it be wrong to plant in it?