Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in August

Today was my first day off of work for a month.  Yahoo!  I spent the day cleaning out the fridge, peeling 10 pounds of potatoes, cooking two turkeys, making stuffing (from a box), setting the table for 14, and helping Amanda make 135 little bundles of personalized m&m's for some swag bags for the clothing swap she has been helping plan.  I was not as cool as her, I only made 75.  I managed to snap a few photos of our day.  We are all stuffed now, what a nice time together we had.  Jay is now watching his new favorite tv show, Top Shot and I am drinking a large glass of Moscato and blogging.  

Okay all the old food is out, now I have to try and finnagle (sp?) the shelves and drawers out of there. 

A real time shot of my kitchen.  All the fridge items out, fridge pieces in the sink, pandora on and dogs barking in the back yard. 

Now everything is back in magically.  I even wwent grocery shopping yesterday, guess I didn't buy much.  

This is just a fraction of what I peeled, had to take a break to play Words with Friends.

Amanda's cute personalized m&m's she ordered for the clothing swap swag bags. 

The final product.

I snuck this photo in of her.  I loved her feather hair piece.

I did not make these today but I decided to throw in these photos of what I made for the swag bags from Bride on a bike. 

What you get is a dot garland of an old atlas I picked up at an estate sale.  

All 75 of them packaged and ready to go home with Amanda.  The whole project for all pieces cost $15.  

The extra table added for more place settings.  You see a 2 child vintage school desk in the background wheere Ainsley and Flannery were seated.  

New friends Ainsley and Flannery.  Flannery  and Penelope (not pictured) are our neighbors who Josie was babysitting.

She wanted to try on Amanda's shoes, there is Penny in the background.

I am beat, today was busy.  Good night all.  Until tomorrow. 

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