Sunday, August 21, 2011

Saturday's Finds

Coming to you from.....


If the price is right, snag it and don't give it another thought.  Picked up this for .99, I will be planting a seedum in each of these that I have been hoarding...I mean collecting

This was all Jay. 

Love these.  I plan on attaching them to some old barn wood and making a wall hanging.

I have almost enough doilies to start my doilie project.  You will love it!!! Also scored  3 more tea towels for my kitchen and a scooper for Josie.  She likes to use those when baking. 

Have I told you how much I love old books? This is only one of two boxes that I picked up.

Jay found this in a Burien St. Vincent, thought it would look good filled with old ironstone platters.  Am I rubbing off on him or what?

This is my new favorite.  I might not be able to let this one go.  She was only $15 and look at her curves!!

An old Zenith radio.  It does not currently work but how cool is this piece?! Should I paint it or keep as is? 

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