Monday, August 01, 2011

This is what happens when you have ugly doors

I would really love to replace all the doors in my house to white 5 panel ones but until that day comes this is what I can do to transform my uglies. 

Here is the BEFORE:

I had to paint about 5 coats of the chalkboard paint.

After it has dried for 24 hours you then take a large piece of chalk and coat the whole area.  Then you take your eraser and wipe the entire board.  This is called conditioning and it will help to keep the board in good condition and to not see all the letters previously written.

This is what the doors will look like after the conditioning. 

After: I can now leave notes, the weather forecast and reminders to feed the dogs etc. 

Enjoy the sun this week and let me know if you have chalkboard painted anything or are planning to.

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