Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finds from last Saturday

These finds should have been posted last weekend, this is the contraband my mom and I found on our way to and from Birch Bay last Saturday.  
Yes more silverware & sheet music.  I loved this little black plastic sign I picked up for only .99, I plan on hanging that next in our spare room.  

An old money bag, my mom had the great thought of turning it into a small pillow. 

Yes more corks.  Wait until you see the project I have planned.

I have a little globe that is the same as these two.  I couldnt resist.

My mom found this adorable children's lunchpack at a thrift store.  I love anything with letters and the alphabet. 

TBKC 1953 - I am going to see what if I can find what the initials are for.

I was so excited when I found this.  I had seen them advertised in Real Simple and Country Living and now I have one for half the price.  It is a ceramic strawberry basket. 

My mom found this framed old radiator grate. It is heavy.

Three Iron Stone platters.  

8 of these pretty soup bowls - I love to mix and match china.

Two new owl friends to grace my collection. 

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