Thursday, July 07, 2011

Oh Ging-ivitis

Our sweet little Ginger experienced a lot of firsts this Fourth of July weekend.  

1. First fish I (I mean Doug) caught

2. First fishing lesson from Robby 

 3. First ever canoe ride with Hannah and Joey

 4. I love to feel the fresh breeze on my face and the fact that the kids paddled me around the lake.

5. My first close up - self portrait.
How do I look?

 6. First canoe ride on someone's lap.  

 Why is this in here Devon? I guess she just liked this shot. Silly lady. 

 Seriously?  How many times did I manage to get myself in that canoe?  When can we go back?

 7. First paddle boat ride. 

 8. Not my first swimming lesson but first time Josie actually had patience with me. Haha!!

 9. First NOT flattering (but pretty funny) picture of me trying to dry off. 

Off to my suitcase bed.  Nighty night humans.

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