Sunday, April 29, 2012

My love for Schwinn

Rusty goodness eye candy 
Scored these vintage Schwinn's at a yard sale down the street yesterday. 
I love them. 

You love?  I will be bringing these to Ruffles and Rust.

How cute would these be in a garden with a basket on the front or back with flowers?

Also found this trophy. 
And by the looks of it you can still have it engraved with your name. 

This little stool is so funky and different than what I normally find. It had to come home with me. 

Never one to pass on a bench stool. 
Sweet Josie has already sanded and painted this. 
She also picked out some fabulous fabric that my mom had found and will recover it later today. 

Heading back out to the driveway which seems to be my favorite place to hang these days. 
We made some great progress on finishing up some pieces and pricing and packing for the show. 
With all this being said, my mom managed to bring over a dining room table {with the coolest base I have ever seen} and six matching chairs. 
Am I crazy to think I can paint all seven pieces, recover the cushions and give it the embellishment that I have in my head all by next weekend. 
I sure am going to try. 
I will take photos to start luring you to Monroe. 

Have a happy Sunday. 

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Restoration House Interiors said...

Love it all! SO excited to see your space at R&R! So proud of you!