Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If I could I would...

... Chalk board paint EVERYTHING!!  Seriously though have any of you tried using chalkboard paint?  I have tested paint vs. spraypaint and have decided that I like the paint much better.  You can find it at any of your local hardware stores.  I like the Rustoleum brand best.  I have made numerous chalk boards for friends and recently started branching out to see what else I can possibly paint black.

BEFORE: A dirty white wood tray with cute rounded wood handles.  I immediately snatched this up at the local Goodwill for $3, came right home and started painting.

AFTER:  Here you have my new chalk board tray that sits on our ottoman in the family room.  Josie and I take turns writing different quotes on it.  See how chalkboard paint can transform something form boohoo to woohoo?  I like that boohoo to woohoo.  Might have to start a chapter in this blog of before and after transformations and call it that.  

I saw this in a magazine once and decided to try it out.  Found this oval monogrammed silver platter for a few dollars and painted a few coats of the magical paint on it and voila! 

This is a picture from my most recent Junk Sale {Ruffles & Rust Vintage Market 02/11} I had filled up the rusty wheelbarrow with assorted shapes and sizes of the silver platters painted with chalkboard paint.

These are my favorite chalkboard signs to make.  This one I keep in my entryway and also write quotes and welcome messages on.  Handy Husband attaches them onto vintage floor lamp bases.  

Here is a before and after of vintage wooden recipe boxes.  I cant take credit for this idea, this was all Josie's brainstorming.  Trying to teach her how to turn something old into something new.  We will see how these do at the next Junk Sale.

Question for you:  Have you tried using C.B. paint?  If so, what have you painted?

Have a fabulous Thursday.  I am off to IKEA and a few thrift stores in the morning.  I will let you know what I find.  


Kortney said...

I love your chalk board paint creations! The red sign with black glaze you made for Diana was awesome.

jenluvsherpug said...

just love the chalkboard idea!