Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is old, made of wood, needs a makeover and came home with me this weekend?

All this!!
Hope you all had a nice weekend. 
Life for me has been very busy, full of wet paint, not enough sleep, lame dinners (that is why I have not posted any recipes lately) and a list that keeps getting longer.  But through this, I am having fun, drinking wine and cultivating new friendships. 

I love this table!
Plus it came with a nice glass top. 

Our friend Doug picked up this fabulous piece, complete with a matching mirror top. 
She might just find a home at my house. 

I know what you might be thinking on this guy. 
But give me a few days to paint, add a knob and then let me know what you really think. 

Another adorable small table. 

I love little benches like this.  They just might be my favorite things to revamp. 
I have no clue what the previous owners were thinking when they topped this bench with a cut up sleeping bag. 
I am not joking! 

This chair has good bones and is solid. 
Thinking I want to paint it green.

I wish this chair could talk. 
First I would like to know how old she is and where she has lived. 

I am working on these and a few others, can't wait to show the finished project to you soon. 

I will be at the shop this Saturday from 12-4. 

The Modern Cottage Co. 
311 S. 7th, Tacoma

Hope you can stop in!!! 


Crys said...

Oooooh!!!! Those all look like fun!

the modern cottage said...

Oh my you scored!!!!

Meganite said...

Hi Hot Stuff! We're shopping for bikes in the area this Saturday, and it should be perfect timing to stop by. We can't wait to see the place (and you)!!