Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What is old, made of wood, needs a makeover and came home with me this weekend?

All this!!
Hope you all had a nice weekend. 
Life for me has been very busy, full of wet paint, not enough sleep, lame dinners (that is why I have not posted any recipes lately) and a list that keeps getting longer.  But through this, I am having fun, drinking wine and cultivating new friendships. 

I love this table!
Plus it came with a nice glass top. 

Our friend Doug picked up this fabulous piece, complete with a matching mirror top. 
She might just find a home at my house. 

I know what you might be thinking on this guy. 
But give me a few days to paint, add a knob and then let me know what you really think. 

Another adorable small table. 

I love little benches like this.  They just might be my favorite things to revamp. 
I have no clue what the previous owners were thinking when they topped this bench with a cut up sleeping bag. 
I am not joking! 

This chair has good bones and is solid. 
Thinking I want to paint it green.

I wish this chair could talk. 
First I would like to know how old she is and where she has lived. 

I am working on these and a few others, can't wait to show the finished project to you soon. 

I will be at the shop this Saturday from 12-4. 

The Modern Cottage Co. 
311 S. 7th, Tacoma

Hope you can stop in!!! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look what I found in my mailbox today

Are you as excited as I am?
I hope so!  
If you have not yet experienced the fabulous Ruffles & Rust 
Vintage Market, mark your calendar for May 11th or 12th. 
And for those of you crazy enough to come back again, I can't wait to see you there! 

I am off to paint some more and to head to bed at a decent hour. 
Lately I have been burning the candle at both ends. 
Is that how the saying goes? 

Monday, March 19, 2012

My new paint room

This is what this crazy weather has done to my home. 
I have turned one of our spare bedrooms into my painting room. 
This past Sunday we had snow, wind and sunshine. 
All of the pieces you see here will be in the shop this Saturday. 
The Modern Cottage Co. 
311 S. 7th, Tacoma, WA.

A sneak peek.
I just need to wax this piece then she will be ready to go home with you! 

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and an even better week. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beef & Asparagus Curry and a White Glass Pig

Beef and Asparagus Curry

Found this delicious recipe in the April issue of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food magazine.

serves 4
total time : 30 minutes
chopping and all!

1 can (13.5 oz.) unsweetened coconut milk, shaken well
1/4 c. red curry paste (cheap at Uwajimaya)
3/4 c. low sodium chicken broth
2 tsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. light brown sugar
1 red bell pepp, thinly sliced
1 bunch asparagus, trimmed and cut into one inch pieces
1 pound sirloin steak, trimmed and thinly sliced against the grain

In large wok or skillet, heat 1/2 cup coconut milk over medium-high, stirring, until shiny and thick, 2 minutes. 
Add curry paste and cook, stirring, until fragrant, 1 minute. 
Add remaining coconut milk, broth, fish sauce, and brown sugar and bring to a simmer.
Add bell pepp and cook until softened, about 2 minutes. 
Add asparagus and cook until crisp tender, 3 minutes. 
Add steak and cook, stirring, until just cooked through, 2 minutes.  

Serve over white or brown rice. 
Add cilantro or lime wedges if desired. 

Moment of honesty here:
I failed to remember to add the chicken broth and we thought this dish was really good but a little spicy. Had I used the chicken broth it might have helped with that. Martha said to serve over rice noodles, but we prefer rice, (brown usually, however I was being lazy and used minute rice.)

We will definitely be making this again! 
Let me know if you try out this recipe and what you think of it. 

This sweet little pig came from West Elm and he was my Christmas present from Josie. He has been on backorder since mid December.  

Love this little guy! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

What we found this weekend

Are you ready for these finds?
This past Sunday I was determined not to get out of my sweats and not to leave the house. I needed to play some serious catch up on laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying, vacuuming and everything else.  Lucky for me I had the majority of the day to myself. A rare occurence in this house. 

I ran down the street with Alison after we closed the shop on Saturday and I picked up a few things.  
Jay worked on Sunday and stopped at the thrift store by his work and had a full cart.  I loved that he was sending pictures to me while I was home being lazy.  

Jay picked up these two old briefcases.
They are both engraved with the same initials. 

Fabulous vintage Samsonite suitcase. 
Let's pretend that this was the lawyer's luggage for when he had to travel. 

I picked this up and just love it. 
I cannot wait to paint it.
Are you feeling white or black for this one?

My mom and I spied this a few weekends back and when I was back in the store on Saturday I asked how much and she said
 if you buy it now, $4. 

It is red, round and has writing on it. 
So yes I had to have it! 
The bread box underneath will be getting a makeover.

Jay picked up this picture originally just for the frame. 
He started looking at the picture and googled the artists name, Tyrus Wong and then called his mom. 
She happens to be an artist in California.

This is Jay on the phone with his mom, googling information and trying to determine if the painting is real or a repro. 

He also found these two metal tables. 
They match and are also very cool becacuse they fold up.
They are not old, need a good cleaning but they are cool. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Did you hear that?

Well I sure did.

That would be Jay sleep talking.
For the most part he has been quiet lately, but I sure got some good material over this last week. 


"Well you know we don't have to replace the glass."

"Yeah come on really?"

"They liked it though."

"Mmmm, don't like the colors."

"Cause you didn't see the crack."

"I think clear knobs are the best."

"Good luck today.  Did you hear me?"

"There is a purple one over there."

"I don't know who does it."

"Oh dear."

"Well they are but I don't know what to do with them."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where did this last week go?

I apologize for being MIA this last week. 
It was another whirlwind of a week. 
First i was trying to fend off the beginning of a headcold, spent a few hours each night painting, sanding and waxing furniture and also planning a FUN-eral for a dear co-worker who is leaving us. 
(I will post photos of that later)

Bride on a Bike 
will be at The Modern Cottage Co. 
Today, 12-4
311 South 7th, Tacoma

The next two photos are from Alison, The Modern Cottage Co. 

Crystal and Erin also moved items in last night and Kennesha will be moving in soon. 

Get ready friends for 5 wonderful women who like to junk! 

See you later! 

Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Elves have been busy

Santa (aka my dad) and his elves (my mom, Jay and myself) have been very busy repairing, sanding, priming, painting and perfecting our furniture pieces to bring to the shop this Saturday. 

Yes you heard right.  

I will be moving in some small pieces of furniture, some vintage finds and a few knick knacks. 

If you need a little more enticing to visit me this weekend, I am making some delicious cupcakes to bring and share with shoppers. 

311 South 7th, Tacoma
Open 12 - 4

I apologize for the dark, messy garage photos. After work each day I have been stopping at my parents to work on these pieces after work  then come home to catch up on life with my family then head out to the garage to work for a few more hours. I am so thankful for my family to just jump right into this and for all my friends who help me find pieces and who offer to paint.  I truly appreciate each and every one of you. 
Thank you!