Monday, May 30, 2011

The newest additions... my garage!  Here are some of my finds from the weekend. 

I love plate racks...a lot!  This one is fine just the way it is, but I will probably paint and glaze and bring to my next show.  

This is HUGE!  Planning on painting it and adding a chalkboard inset.  Can't you just picture this hanging vertically in the kitchen or in a playroom?

I might have a hard time letting this beauty go.  This piece is also very large.  What do you think?  Turn it into a chalkboard or bulletin board? 

Found this sweet little cradle at an estate sale in Enumclaw this weekend.  Also bought some sheet music, an ironstone gravy dish, a metal bird and a white cake platter (for 60 cents)!!

My mom and I both loved this magnum bottle of Martini & Rossi turned lamp.  I will switch out the shade for a burlap one.  I can totally picture this in an ad for Anthropologie, Restoration Hardware or my favorite, Pottery Barn, can't you? And a score at only $20!

Yes more owls.  These babies will also get a makeover! 

A cute (or creepy) owl cookie jar.

How about you?  Did you score any finds this weekend?  I would love to hear what you found!  

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