Friday, May 20, 2011

Today's finds...

SO remember my addiction I told you about the other day?  Yeah, that's right, that one.  Well I found myself driving towards the Dearborn Goodwill after work today and look at what I found! 

These 2 silhouettes are from Disneyland.  I will add these beauties to my Keep Calm and Carry On wall.  See below.  Loved the beachy barnwood picture frame.  

This was the deal of the day.  Only .83!  And it works!

The 2 lace curtains were half off and will be used in my garlands. 

Ugly, right?  Wait until I paint it white and add a burlap cover.  Then you will love it!  

Here is one of my favorite walls in my house.  I still need to paint the wall a different color,  if you have any color ideas please let me know.  These are all Disneyland silhouettes.  The 3 on the left are myself, my sister and brother.  Josie is on the right side.  All the others are Goodwill finds.  I just love them.  

Heading to the Grimstad Barn Sale tomorrow.  I will take some photos and let you know how it was.  

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