Sunday, May 22, 2011

A week's worth of reading and outfits

My dear friend Lindsay (Lulu) had her baby shower this weekend.  I love to give books and onesies with funny sayings or pictures on them.  I shopped around at the local Goodwill and found 7 baby books and 7 onesies and some little pants or jeans.  When looking for the books, I make sure to look at the edges that they are nice and clean, no teeth marks, no inscriptions on the inside etc.  (I always use a Clorox wipe on the books and wash the clothes prior to wrapping.  Next I made seven piles of the books and the outfits and then I decorated each bag with a day of the week on it. I used my Silhouette machine to make some shapes and used stickers and ribbon that I already had.  At the end you have a different bag for every day of the week which makes for a unique gift and a fun one to open.  

I also found an adorable ruffled bikini and flip flops from Old Navy and packed them into a cute beach bucket and added 2 little beach shovels and the card.  Every girl should have a cute bikini ~ let me buy your first one!

Me and Lulu!  Can't wait to meet Little Lily Grace.

Total spent on the books and clothing- $12.50
(Not including the Bikini Beach Bucket) 


Jeanette said...

Um, I counted 9 books... so which ones did you keep :) Adorable idea! I love your thoughtfulness and creativity Devon! Keep up the good work - and wonderful posts!

Devon said...

That is funny Jeanette! I said to myself as I was taking the picture that I had a few extra books in there, but said I wonder if anyone will call me on that! I did keep two of the books I found. I am a sucker for books with owls or birds in them.