Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Always read cardboard signs - you never know what they will say or what you might find

Best Sale Ever!!

While driving home from work on Friday I saw this old, wet cardboard sign that read simply, 'Designer Sale' Ever the garage sale junkie I pulled right in not knowing what to expect. I hit the mother load!! I immediately called my mom (she taught me all I know about garage sales and the art of negotiating) and left a message that I would be picking her up at 8am to come back with me.  I walked into this huge metal garage that was packed to the rafters.  It was filled from top to bottom with pillows, pedestal tables, rugs, lamps, coffee tables, sofas, bed frames, bedding, plants ~ you name it. It was a little overwhelming to say the least. I looked around and told the woman that I would be back first thing in the morning.  

 My mom had me laughing so hard when we were there on Saturday.  She decided that she needed to get to the other side of the room and the only way to get there was to crawl on the concrete ground under a kitchen table loaded sky high with dishes and decorating accents. Now that is how we do it!! Below are the items that my mom and I bought from the Designer Sale.  

We bought this beautiful artwork and the gray slipper chair in the background also came home with us.  We did get 2 of the chairs.

The 2 large white vases were great finds.  They look like a normal size here but they are really big in person.  On the bottom they say, Made in Italy.

Up close of the chair.

I saw this table on Friday and thought about it all night long and now it has a home as a nightstand at my mom's house.  Don't you just love the design of the legs? 

This was the Martini & Rossi magnum bottle light again that I bought at a garage sale this weekend.  Trying it out in the house - need to revamp the shade.

I found these two reversible pillows.  I will use these in my master bedroom. 

Love this piece.  The lady told me this was given to people when they bought an old cast iron  stove and it was meant to go under the stove to prevent fires from spreading. 

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