Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I just might be crazy... want to make another one of these chairs.  

Here are my reasons why NOT to do it.

1. It takes a long time to shred all the paper to small pieces
2. Takes a lot of Elmers glue
3. I cannot do anything while making this, my hands are covered in glue and stick to anything i touch
4. You don't even know how long it takes to cover the whole chair in tiny pieces of paper
5. I carted it around to a few different venues before it finally sold

On the otherhand I had fun making it and I can try using larger pieces of paper and adding more embellishments to it.  Here is the one I made a few months ago.  

First I sanded the chair.

Did a quick coat of Killz primer. 

Here is the after photo prior to me actually finishing the fabric on the seat.  

This chair was made with paper from an old hymnal book and fabric from Joann's on clearance.

I also made a similar stool in sheet music, the seat cushion  was removable so you could store your candy in there.  

Same stool, just the same fabric on it the chair had.  I did sell this stool the day before with the red and white ticking fabric, but the buyer preferred this black and white pattern so I changed it for him that evening and brought it to my holiday bazaar the next day. 

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