Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finds from my pickers

I have been working a lot lately, staying late on Fridays and working all day Saturday.  I have been trying to ignore all the garage sale signs that keep popping up.  Our good friends Pam and Doug have been hitting up a lot of garage sales lately.  They have now "officially" graduated to become "Pickers."  While I am at work they have been sending me pictures with a price. I respond with a yes or no.  At the end of the day they email me my total and I swing by and pick it up.  While I cannot get out there this is a close second to being there.  Thany you Doug and Pam!! Below are some of their finds from this weekend. 

A rusty pink vintage baby scale.

Love the tool box, the four tiered silver plated stand and old metal plant stand.

Why do I love rusty old scales.  They are so cute with a potted plant on it. 

This was from a friend at work, her mom found these for me over in Eastern Washington.  A box of wood legs for $5.   These are the perfect size for more suitcase dog beds. 

Another twin bed headboard and footboard.  Thinking I will prime and paint and see if i can turn into a bench.

I found these 6 chunky wood frames all half off for a total of $8.  I plan to sand and paint and put my cow photos in them. 

I picked this up on my way home today for $1.25.  Would like to try and make this into a pendant light. 

Love the crisp white and lines of this cute corner shelf.

Off to watch The Bachelorette from Monday, and enjoy dinner made by my husband.   Came home to Jay teaching Connor how to mow the lawn and use a weedwacker.  Have a good night friends.

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