Sunday, December 04, 2011

I'm back from P-Town

I had a blast in Oregon.  
On Thursday morning my mom and I drove down to Portland, went shopping at Washington Square Mall and a bunch of other little shops.  I was able to buy almost everything on sale and my list is all checked off.  I am done shopping.  Now on to the wrapping and baking.
I left Saturday morning and didn't make it home until about 5 p.m. I hit a bunch of thrift shops in Vancouver and Olympia.  I walked down one of my favorite antique rows in Centralia and even managed to squeeze a few more finds in the car. 

Are you in need of a whisk? Or a cupcake?

The Oh So Fabulous, Justin & Burks shoppe in Sellwood.
We were even given champagne when we walked in.
This chandelier was humongous and breathtaking!

Please if you ever come across an old school pull down map, let me know. This was found in the Stars Antique Mall in Portland. 
Pretty fabulous. 

This is my other want.  
I just loved it.
I however didn't love the $695 price tag.
Again if you ever run across one please let me know.

Here are my finds.
I picked up these beauties in Centralia. 
If you have been following my blog then you know I have a thing for old rusty fish and tackle or tool boxes. 
The bottom one was calling out to me to buy it. 
I got all the way to my car and then realized if I didn't get it now, I would still be thinking about it when I got home.

It seems I may have a little globe addiction going on right now.  And it doesn't help that Jay keeps telling me to keep them.  I was wanting to give this to someone for a gift.  We will see.

Not typically something I would pick up but it was cute. I will save it for the next Junk Show. 

This will also go into my save for the next RR show.

Picked up this baby from an Estate Sale in Vancouver for a mere $3.50.  This will be perfect for a little vignette in my living room. 

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