Sunday, May 27, 2012

What we brought home from our mini road trip

The husband and I had the truck gassed up, cash in our pockets, granny cart loaded, Starbucks and a 5 a.m. wake up call. 
We started by sharing breakfast at The Kettle in Enumclaw and then driving over Chinook Pass to Packwood. 
Twice a year the whole town of Packwood has a Flea Market.
{Memorial Day & Labor Day weekend}
I would recommend getting there early for best picking and parking.  
Overall we found a few good finds, but the rest of our loot came from all the garage sales we found leaving Packwood heading on 12 West towards Centralia.  We decided to take a route home that we had not ever been on.  It was gorgeous, I saw Riffe Lake (I was so ready to jump in, it was beautiful)lots of old barns, cows, towns I had only heard of but never been to.  Hey Mossyrock, Randle & Morton! 

Note: This is not for Josie's squawker.
It is awesome. Heading to Tacoma today with me.  

6 Colorox wipes were used in cleaning this bad metal cart. I should have taken an after photo. It looks way better.
Also heading to Tacoma today. 

I spied this awesome little table in Packwood and bundled it in with a Fiesta - Art Deco looking black lamp.  Will show pics later.  

Also found this in Packwood.  
I love how small it is when the leaves are down and how big it becomes when opened. It also has a cute little drawer. 
This will be getting painted tomorrow. 

How cool is this piece?
This is a versatile piece. 
You can have the top hutch part on top of the table or underneath. The woman we bought this from had a 50" TV on top and used the underneath part for her DVD player, Wii etc.  

I plan on giving it a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.  

Jay spied this at a garage sale in Mossyrock for $5.
I have never seen this  before.  Have you? 

Vintage paint by numbers.

Some of our small finds 

This is awesome.
Large, heavy, metal and perfect for me to rip the paper art off and paint chalkboard on it.  Can't wait to show you the after. 

Modern Cottage Co. 
will be open today, 12-4
311 South 7th, Tacoma

Hope to see you there!!

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