Sunday, June 17, 2012

American Picker Style

American Pickers has taught us something. 
The art of, The Bundle. 
Works everytime. 

Our MEGA score from this weekend. 
We were on our way to a wedding and saw a tool sale, from afar looked like a drive by. But we stopped and looked around. And by golly look what my eyes see covered in weeds, tall grass, other junk resting against a fence not even part of the sale.  

Came with 18 rusty baskets. 
Do you see what is still in the back of the truck?

This awesome piece will be coming to the new store so Alison and I can use it for display. I dreamt of this piece last night and how I can use those baskets to our advantage with staging and holding our smalls.  I will be heading to my local TRM this week so I can have three boards made for the shelving.  I plan to age them (nails, chains, hammers) and then staining it a dark brown. 

This was the other piece we got at the same sale and part of The Bundle. I am thinking of putting a top on it and making it a coffee table. Planning on this piece to come to the October Ruffles & Rust Show. Yes planning ahead. 

Yes, another chalkboard. 
I am addicted to them.
This baby is LARGE.  

Jay scooped this fella up so fast. Needs a good cleaning, thanks dear. I want to also bring this to RR but Jay said this might be staying at our house for awhile. 

A 'before' shot of a toy chest. 
I love transforming toy chests. 

Yes, another globe. 
And a cute wooden topped side table on wheels. 

Jay has apparently also started collecting old lanterns. Will make a cute display.  Keep it up lovey. 

What did you find this weekend? 

I am off to make Chicken Parmesan from Pioneer Woman, pictures and recipe to follow. 

Happy Fathers Day to all the men in my life!  I love you! 

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