Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A few of my faves

Card Catalogs are my fave.
I have one more that I am working on to bring into the shoppe next month. 

New unique display pieces are my fave. 
I picked up this metal tiered piece to house my smalls in the store and at shows. 

Baker's Dozen Jammy is my fave.
I bulk a few when I find them on sale.

My fave photo of Betty.
Click here to follow Betty's adventures. 

New Miche shells are my fave. 

Instagram collages are my fave. 
Some pictures of my garage sale finds from the weekend. 


Crys said...

You're killing me! I love every single thing you took a picture of! I am also kind of jealous of Bets- he looks kinda hunky. Am I allowed to say that? That's not your little brother or something, right?!

Sarah in Tacoma WA said...

What will your price be on your card catalog? I might be interested.

devon lang said...

Sarah - The picture I posted in this posting was of one I found in an Antique Store in Centralia for $475. The one I have has 12 drawers and is shorter, is on vintage casters will be priced around $225-$275 depending on what I choose to finish the top with. Hope this helps.


Sarah in Tacoma WA said...

Thanks Devon for the reply. Just let us know on the blog when its going to be in the store, or are you going to have it at Funky Junk? I do like that its smaller. I'll be at Funky Junk so let me know via comment, thanks.