Saturday, September 17, 2011

13 hours, 133 miles, 11 thrift stores =

a fantastic friday spent with Jay shopping for cool junk. We stopped at Wibbley's in the Bellevue\Redmond area for some burgers and fries for lunch and had Olive Garden for dinner in Lynnwood.  We used our gift card that we won from our winning raffle basket from my work. It was delicious.  I even had the leftovers for breakfast this morning.  Does anyone else eat spaghetti for breakfast?

 Here are our finds.  

Car before getting emptied. Look how much I can fit (shove) into the Camry. 

Trunk of the car. 

This was a complete score.  It was 60% off!! Sold!

This was also a HUGE score!  This is almost identical to the one I have from SUr La Table in my kitchen that holds my Fiesta dishes.  I don't know if I have showed you that picture yet.  Maybe that will be for tomorrows post.  Anyway back to this killer was marked at $2.29.  What?  Is this a joke?  Nope, needs some paint and touch ups but we can do it.  Love, love, love this piece!!!

I am never one to pass up old rusty wagons.  This is a small size not the regular size.  Too cute.  Thinking I might leave it this way or plant it up with some succulents. 

This was our first big purchase of the morning.  About 4 feet long, love the curve of the top and the legs and it is SOLID.  

Nothing fancy here, just like outdoor metal things.  Plus I liked that it was brown. 

Jay found these salt & pepper shakers.  
Points for who can name the buildings!

Gravy, anyone? How fabulous is this?

Not one but two!  And he even found them a different places.  Great finds Jay.  

This is larger than it looks here.  I liked the color and who doesn't like crowns?  

I am one to NEVER pass on a good cake plate or cake stand.  This one is made by Tag.  It would look good with a simple white plate on top, even an old china plate or maybe a pop of color with a Fiesta dish.  The possibilities are endless. 

Corks wanted! 
Please save your corks.
I am being serious folks. 
This is for an upcoming project. 
Just wait!!!!

I think Jay is on a mission to find and save all the Bailey's mugs.
Wouldn't it be fun to set the table for dinner and all drink from these?

I know this is new and from Eddie Bauer, but I like the look of it.  

You are probably thinking to yourself...What the heck is this and what is she going to do with this.  
I will tell you, I knew immediately what I eant to turn this piece into.  AND it ended up being half off which brought the grand total to...{drumroll please}....$2.15

Major score!!

This industrial lamp is all Jay.  
We will see if this sells at the show in October.

We are suckers for trays with handles. 

I was excited when I found this.  I know someone who collects these and turns them into works of art.  If you have never heard of Elizabeth or seen her work click here and see for yourself. She is a-ma-zing!! 

Yes, more silverware.

Sorry, not the best photo of these fabulous pillows.  I have been eyeing these for some time at Target but couldn't bring myself to pay full price.  Picked these up for $2.99 each at Goodwill.  Sorry folks, I will not be selling these, I am keeping these for myself. 

Jay found this old leather box that was used to store 6 china cups.  
Pretty cool. 

I need to look these up.  They each have a cool symbol at the top of the spoon and say Italy on the back.  Very ornate. 

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. 
We are heading to Cle Elum this morning. 
I was in Cle Elum  last weekend celebrating a  wedding and a start of a new life together, this weekend we are celebrating a wonderful life of my friend Ben who passed away recently.  Please  pray for his wife and little baby girl who will always remember what a real genuine man he was. 
You will be greatly missed Ben and never forgotten.


Kortney said...

Empire and Chrysler buildings!!

Jeanette said...

You fit all of this in your car!? I think you guys need a truck :) Amazing finds.

Devon said...

Jeanette - we DO have a truck, we just didnt think we would be finding all these great finds and plus it makes us not buy as much. But we did pack it to the max that day.

Yeah! Way to go Kortney. Jay couldn't name the Chrysler Bldg.