Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two and a half men & tables

Did you watch the new Two and a Half Men?
I was able to watch it with my mom and thought it was good.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out this season. 

In honor of that show I am going to reveal two and a half tables. 

First up is the key table.
Here is what it started out like.

I drybrushed a few layers of Antique White Milk Paint, then I cut an ornate key on the Silhouette vinyl and placed on the table.  I used regular black craft paint and a small foam brush to paint the key. 

After all had dried I used my sanding block to sand the whole table and roughed up the edges a bit.  I did choose to use Ralph Lauren's Faux Black Satin glaze after to add a little bit more warmth to the piece.  Voila! 
What do you think?  

Here is where the half table comes into play.  
The larger table on the left is my Union Jack Table and the smaller one on the right will be the half.  I am not quite finished with this one yet so it will not be revealed...yet.
I loved the shape of the table and thought I could transform it to a unique table. 

I DID NOT do any sanding....at all! 
This milk paint is awesome! 
First I drybrushed antique white, leftover Rainwater (Martha Stewart) from Josie's bedroom makeover and then a sample Martha Gray color. Once all dried, sweet husband taped off all the necessary lines and we created this!!

The Union Jack Table


Pam Okubo said...

I absolutely love the key! Great idea. I need to get me one of those Silo....thingy majiggers.

Devon said...

Thanks Pam! I know that you will get a lot of use out of it. Plus it is so user friendly. Until you get one you can use mine anytime.