Thursday, September 08, 2011

a little reveal

I have been neglecting you. 
I am sorry.  Please don't be mad. 
This is what I have been doing. 
I have been pricing, packing, priming and painting in the extreme heat!  Well maybe not too extreme but it is really warm. 

I picked this cute little side table up at a garage sale this summer.  I loved the legs and the ornate details on the sides.  Sorry for the dark before picture. 

This is after the first coat of navy milkpaint that i dry brushed on. 

Second coat of dry brushing with a sage green color.

Third and final coat of an antique white. 

A light sanding along the corners and edges and on the details to give them some definition. 

Here is the second piece Jay and I did together.  It is our friend, Doug's old rocking chair from when he could fit into it.  We did a very light sanding prior to the first coat. 

We did a few coats of a light blue and sage green. 

After 3 coats of paint, we again did some sanding to show the different layers of colors and to make it look like it has been this color for a long time. This is Jay using our new favorite product from Johnson's - Minwax finishing paste wax. You wipe on a thin coat, wait 15 minutes and wipe off.  It highlights the parts of the wood that peek through and puts a nice finish on the piece so it will protect the piece for a long time. 

Finished piece. 

What do you think? 

Here is my new favotite product to use. 

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