Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday's pickins

Tuesday's to do list:
pick up Jay from work (early)
take him to renew license
hit St. Vincent before getting him
lunch date together
oil change
home by 2 p.m. to meet Pam
blog post
do some painting of furniture
clean out car and wash the windows

Look at this beauty Jay picked up today! I just love it. 

Cute white wicker basket, nice and heavy.

Should I paint this black or white? 

Jay found this - top comes off.  What is it?

Old vintage picnic basket.  Has no top, but it does have cute feet.  


jeanette said...

I'd say white for the mirror and is the next picture a fancy ash tray?

Devon said...

Thanks J. I will paint it white. Could be a fancy ash tray not sure. I was thinking it was a small urn for something but the top just comes off and doesnt screw in or out. Although I am not familiar with urns and I do not know how the lid works. SO let's just go with the fancy ashtray! Thanks!