Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's try something new shall we?

Today I was lucky to break out of work early.
And guess what I did?
Got a car wash, gas (would you believe $3.38 a gallon?), filled tires with air and then surprised the hubs and teenager when I walked in the door at 3pm instead of 5:30. 

I immediately sent them off to a movie, I perused Pinterest for a bit, then decided to have a glass of wine and take a hot bath.  Which made me tired and I took an hour nap. 

Now they are on their way home and I am making BLT's for dinner. 

I have tomorrow and Friday off and my mom and I are driving to Portland to do some Christmas shopping.  I can't wait to hit up the thrift stores down there. 

I feel like being a bit random here.... let's try this out.  
I have randomly selected 5 numbers that I will then go into my iPhoto library and post.  I have no idea what they may be, but let's see what we get. 

I about died when this one popped up.  This was taken at a parade in Oak Harbor and I thought it was funny.  

Boys will be boys.
Our annual Fourth of July camping trip, 2011.

Our wedding day, August 2008. 

Ha!  I thought about deleting this one when it came up. My sister wanted a bridal shower theme of lingerie and candles, so guess what she got a lot of? I asked everyone to bring a pair of underwear and I pinned them around and she had to guess who brought which pair.  It was really funny to see who picked what.  

This was one of my favorite pieces I have ever found.  It is a vintage candy counter. I brought this to the Snohomish Arts & Antique Faire where a lucky family picked it up.  I still run into them occasionally at the Ruffles and Rust Show.  

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