Sunday, January 22, 2012

I escaped!!

I was able to escape my home today. 
The snow has finally almost melted, the ice is gone, the power is back on and football was on.  So that meant I was able to escape by myself and guess where I went?
You guessed right. 
Four of them to be exact. 
Here is what I brought home today.
 This vintage lamp base will be turned into one of our chalkboard stands. A little shorter that I usually find but I also scored the following find.  (see below)
 This will be transformed into the topper for the chalkboard lamp stand.  Can't wait to show you the "after" of this project. 
 I loved this beautiful silver leaf platter. 
 Don't know exactly what this was used for, thinking I could turn it into somethiing. 
 How cute is this?
A smallish white dish with crowns as the handles. 
 A cute side table just begging to be painted. 
What color do you see this piece?
All of the above pieces will be available at the next Ruffles and Rust show in May. 
Mark your calenders, this will be a show not to miss!  

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