Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A random list

As I was going through my photos and ideas for tonight's post I decided to do a Hot or Not list, a likes and dislikes list, you know a list of things that I like and things that I don't. 
I must warn you that this is pretty random. 

A made bed.
{This is a rare occassion, I must admit.}

A very messy and unorganized closet.
{Our spare room closet, can you see my wedding dress in there?}

{Bananagrams, Zip it, Pears and Pairs etc}
Love my lunch bunch game players! 

A dirty sink at the end of the night.
{I like to have the kitchen clean before going to bed, Jay always says, "I will do it tomorrow."} 

Craft Projects
{Anything with glue, I am in!}

A husband that did not pay attention to what was also sitting on the stove when he started cooking. He then proceeded to leave the room until I heard a crackling sound and smelled burnt plastic.
{Don't forget Jay I need a new colander, my dear.}

Chipotle for lunch.
Love their burrito bowls.
So delicious!!

Not Hot:
Hobby Lobby's fake grape decor that is everywhere.
Please fire the person who came up with this idea, it is horrible.

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