Saturday, January 14, 2012

Today's letter is...

...C for canning. 

My sister Lisa is a great canner.  She gave us a can of peaches for Christmas and Josie and I devoured it the other night. We also received a can of blackberry jam from our friend Andrea. Andrea and her mother in law Kay and sister in law, Pam all have a canning day.  Canning seems to be more mainstream lately.  Groupon even offered a canning class that had thousands of people sign up for a class, Kristen will be there! 

This book by Linda Amendt, Blue Ribbon Preserves comes very highly recomended for the beginner canner.  
I bought it off Amazon for Kristen for Christmas.  
I flipped through it and it has a lot of good recipes.  
Everything from jams, salsas to pickled beans (my fav). 
Do you can?  How did you learn?

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